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Plastic canvas
can be used for many craft projects


MESH-A.jpg (16419 bytes)

MESH-A Plastic canvas Glow in the dark 7 count $.49ea

MESH-B.jpg (18375 bytes)

MESH-B Plastic canvas Peach 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-C.jpg (19602 bytes)

MESH-C Plastic canvas Flesh 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-D.jpg (15648 bytes)

MESH-D Plastic canvas Brown 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-E.jpg (17386 bytes)

MESH-E Plastic canvas Neon Yellow 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-F Plastic canvas White 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-G.jpg (15359 bytes)

MESH-G Plastic canvas Dusty Rose 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-H.jpg (17846 bytes)

MESH-H Plastic canvas Christmas Rose 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-I.jpg (17249 bytes)

MESH-I Plastic canvas Christmas Green 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-J.jpg (19961 bytes)

MESH-J Plastic canvas Black 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-K.jpg (17635 bytes)

MESH-K Plastic canvas Neon Green 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-L.jpg (18923 bytes)

MESH-L Plastic canvas Neon Blue 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-M.jpg (22163 bytes)

MESH-M Plastic canvas Ivory 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-N.jpg (21808 bytes)

MESH-N Plastic canvas Apple Green 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-O.jpg (18104 bytes)

MESH-O Plastic canvas Stoneware Blue 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-P.jpg (22732 bytes)

MESH-P Plastic canvas Light Blue 7 count $.39ea 
MESH-Q.jpg (19731 bytes) MESH-Q Plastic canvas Dark Blue 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-R.jpg (22189 bytes)

MESH-R Plastic canvas Yellow 7 count $.39ea 


MESH-S Plastic canvas Pink 7 count $.39ea 


MESH-T Plastic canvas Orange 7 count $.39ea 


MESH-U Plastic canvas Light Green 7 count $.39ea 


MESH-V Plastic canvas Clear 7 count 3-$1.00


MESH-W Plastic canvas Burgundy 7 count $.39ea 


MESH-X Plastic canvas Bright Pink 7 count $.39ea 


MESH-Y Plastic canvas Bright Purple 7 count $.39ea 

MESH-Z.jpg (40235 bytes)

MESH-Z Plastic canvas 13.25in X 22in 5-count $.39ea 

MESH-AA.jpg (38427 bytes)

MASH-AA Plastic canvas 13.25in X 22in 7-count Ultra .

MESH-AB.jpg (41638 bytes)

MESH-AB Plastic canvas 13.25in X 22in 7-count .

MESH-AC.jpg (36054 bytes)

MESH-AC Plastic canvas 12in X 18in 7-mesh .

MESH-AD.jpg (51095 bytes)

MESH-AD Plastic canvas 12in X 18in 7-mesh White .

MESH-AE.jpg (43503 bytes)

MESH-AE Plastic canvas 12in X 18in 7-mesh Ultra .

MESH-AF Plastic canvas 12in X 18in oval 7-mesh White .

MESH-AG.jpg (54579 bytes)

MESH-AG Plastic canvas 12in Circle Mesh 7-count .

MESH-AH.jpg (34407 bytes)

MESH-AH Plastic canvas 9in Circle Mesh 7 count .

MESH-AI.jpg (41870 bytes)

MESH-AI Plastic canvas 9in Circle mesh 7 count .


Order-Craft King


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